Mr Kelvin Hong

90% of Mr Hong’s students attained A.

Some had U at the start.
Practical. Effective. Proven. That’s how Mr Hong’s teaching helps students excel in Economics.

The Path to Distinction

Mr Hong has successfully helped countless students improve their Economics from ‘U’ & ‘S’ to ‘A’!


Charge Up your Understanding of Economics

Economics is a content-based and concept-based subject. Understanding is Key. Mr Hong helps students build a rock solid foundation in Economics. Teaching is left to the schools. Mr Hong trains, coaches and nurtures students to truly Enjoy, Understand and Apply Economics.


Learn Study & Scoring Tips & Techniques

Beyond the knowledge foundation, students need exam-smart scoring techniques to tackle the exams and gain an edge. Learn these strategies from Mr Hong, a top student all his life. His stellar credentials and decades of tutoring experience wins the admiration of many students.


Practice & Tests

Practice makes perfect. Mr Hong drills students rigorously with assignments and tests in order to build exam-readiness. Each assignment is meticulously marked for students to learn from their errors. Students are encouraged to experiment and apply their Economics knowledge to their own lives, drawing on Mr Hong’s rich real-life experiences.


Individualized Attention

Our expertise in guiding students for Economics dates back to 1998, and we realised Mini Groups (3-5pax) help spur students on and also provide a platform for more thinking and discussion. As such, Mr Hong’s group classes are intentionally kept small for tracking of each individual’s improvement. Assignments are also highly customised to train up each student in their individual areas of weaknesses.

Not Teaching. Mr Hong Trains & Coaches.