90% of Mr Hong's students attained A.

90% of Mr Hong's students attained A.

The Path to Distinction

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  • Charge Up your Understanding
    of Economics

    Economics is a content-based and concept-based subject. Understanding is Key. Mr Hong helps students build a rock solid foundation in Economics. Teaching is left to the schools. Mr Hong trains, coaches and nurtures students to truly Enjoy, Understand and Apply Economics.

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  • Learn Study & Scoring
    Tips & Techniques

    Beyond the knowledge foundation, students need exam-smart scoring techniques to tackle the exams and gain an edge. Learn these strategies from Mr Hong, a top student all his life. His stellar credentials and decades of tutoring experience wins the admiration of many students.

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  • Practice & Tests

    Practice makes perfect. Mr Hong drills students rigorously with assignments and tests in order to build exam-readiness. Each assignment is meticulously marked for students to learn from their errors. Students are encouraged to experiment and apply their Economics knowledge to their own lives, drawing on Mr Hong's rich real-life experiences.

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  • Individualized Attention

    Our expertise in guiding students for Economics dates back to 1998, and we realised Mini Groups (3-5pax) help spur students on and also provide a platform for more thinking and discussion. As such, Mr Hong's group classes are intentionally kept small for tracking of each individual's improvement. Assignments are also highly customised to train up each student in their individual areas of weaknesses.

Above all, Real Experience Counts

Above all, Real Experience Counts

Experienced tutor, since 1998
9A1s, 4As, PSC scholar
NUS Valedictorian & First Class Honours in Economics Dean's List every year and Winner of many top Economics Book Prizes such as University of Singapore Economics Society Book Prize (for being the top overall in the entire undergraduate economics examinations)
Former Chairman of National Economics Quiz Committee
Former member of the Singapore Government elite Administrative Service, crafting Macro-Economics Policies
Successful Entrepreneur, possessing unique Micro-Economics experience
Trained top Business executives
Featured in Straits Times, Channel News Asia & others

Not Teaching. Mr Hong Trains & Coaches.
Not Teaching. Mr Hong Trains & Coaches.
Not Teaching. Mr Hong Trains & Coaches.
Not Teaching. Mr Hong Trains & Coaches.
Not Teaching. Mr Hong Trains & Coaches.


Mr Hong's students are from all over the world. Singapore. UK. ASEAN.


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Best Economics Tutor…Made Me a Better Person

Brandon Ho (ACJC) (From U to A!)
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When I first signed up for Mr Hong’s economics lessons, I initially doubted that anything could help to improve my economics, what with my unsatisfactory grade of U for promotional examinations. I was proven wrong on the first day of his lessons. His use of dramatic sounds livened up the lessons and I found myself eager for more. I could not bear to miss even one lesson as I wanted to enjoy every minute of his extraordinary teachings. His constructive feedbacks and concise teachings made me understand economics and its mechanisms almost instantaneously. He also builds close rapport with students which allows students to internalise his lessons more effectively. Even after I felt that I had understood everything, he did not stop there, and taught more values to economics and its application in real world. During his lessons, I savoured all knowledge he has imparted to us, not only for the improvement in my grades, but also for making me a better person in today’s competitive world driven by demand and supply. Results also show themselves quickly. My grade jumped from U to B immediately in the next test. I am proud to say I achieved a stellar grade of A for GCE ‘A’ Levels for economics of which I once never dared to dream. I strongly recommend his lessons but I have to admit one has to work hard and practice to utilise his teachings effectively. Thank you Mr Hong for being my best Economics teacher!

Grades improved greatly after attending Mr Hong’s Economics Tuition. Focusing on skills

  Jarryl Tan, YJC (From D to A!)
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Although I only attended Mr Hong’s Econs tuition for less than a year, my grades still improved greatly as I benefited from his style of not focusing excessively on textbook knowledge but instead, focusing on the skills required to tackle essays and case studies.  Mr Hong has an extensive knowledge on the subject and provides a lot of reading resources. He also encourages us to go beyond the syllabus by giving us useful pieces of information here and there to supplement our knowledge.

Teaching Style Highly Effective. Constant Appraisals.

Jon Lee, AJC
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I find Mr Hong's teaching style highly effective at imparting us with the most essential key points for answering questions. Unlike other teachers, his methods are example-driven; he lays out the basic foundations first before building upon it with adequate contextual examples. His constant appraisals and reminders to work hard have also fuelled our interest in Economics and encouraged us to do our best. I have gained a greater understanding and appreciation of economics as a result. Thank you Mr Hong!

Mr Hong was able to help pull my results up from the 15th percentile all the way to the 80th percentile

Cheng Guan, SRJC
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Mr Hong was able to help pull my results up from the 15th percentile all the way to the 80th percentile of the school within a few months, and eventually an A for A-levels. The economics department in schools usually teach economics through lectures and tutorials where teachers rush through the syllabus, leaving students lost and confused. Mr Hong uses mindmaps as well as easy methods to help us remember and understand topics of economics much easier. He also teaches us techniques to answering questions rather than the standard answers that teachers teach in school so as to tackle different type of questions. Thank you Mr Hong for your guidance.

From U/S grades during Promos to B in my assignments, and eventually an A for the A-levels!

Nicole Toh, ACJC
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Mr Hong tuition has worked wonders in my understanding of economics. He is very knowledgeable on the syllabus and has more than sufficient materials which helped me greatly. Practise does make perfect. Under Mr Hong's guidance I have moved from getting U/S grades to a B grade in my assignments, and eventually an A for the A-levels. Mr Hong's teaching methods are very effective and easy to understand regardless of your current standard in economics. I would definitely recommend Mr Hong as a tutor to anyone who is serious about scoring in economics.

Improved Exponentially! From S to A!

Aiden Chua, ACJC
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Hi Mr Hong. Thanks for being a great teacher. My econs has improved i think quite exponentially since i started tuition with you. From S to A in afew months!

From Hate to Love!

Vania Ng, RJC
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I hated Economics and did not like Mr Hong when I first saw him. However, through his teaching I found that Economics was rather interesting after all and I might even consider studying it in the university!

I owe my A to you!

Cheryl Lim, NJC
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The 2 years with Mr Hong was an enriching experience. I learnt alot while tapping into his broad knowledge and acquired Economics skills outside of the textbook. Every week, he would mark my assignments in detail and pose questions on the spot to stimulate effective thinking during our lessons. I was able to achieve my A in H2 Econs with the guidance from Mr Hong. Thank you so much Mr Hong, I owe my A to you!

Helped me to express Econs concepts succinctly and clearly

Brian Ho, ACS Int'l
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Despite having no difficulty understanding the content of Economics lessons in school, my academic performance in Economics was never commensurate with my grasp of the subject, due to a tendency to express ideas unclearly and inappropriately. Mr Hong’s tuition helped me to succinctly express the appropriate Economics concepts and communicate in an unambiguous manner when writing essays, allowing me to excel in a subject I constantly worried over.

Economics became Easier!

Uditi Bareja, ACJC
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I joined Mr Hong's class around end June with alot of misconceptions, especially in Macro Economics. However, Mr Hong helped to clarify all my last minute questions slowly with every lesson and soon I became more confident. I am glad that I joined his class as my basics were strengthened and Economics became easier for me. Thank you Mr Hong for helping me achieve an A!

Brilliant and Patient Economics tutor

Nicholas Quek, ACS (I)
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"Mr Hong is a brilliant Economics tutor, who knows the Econs syllabus inside out. He is also patient, willing to take time out to meet up with you one on one to address any issues you have with the content. His Practice Exams is also extremely helpful, providing insights as to what may come out for the actual exams. I scored a 7 for the IB exams!

Great Economics Tuition. Made Economics so Clear, Interesting and Easy

Mrs Ho, Brandon’s mother
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My son did not do well for his promotional examination and was asked to drop from 4H2 to 3H2 and 1H1. Economics being his weakest of all his H2 subjects was the victim. Fortunately, my colleague recommended Mr Hong to me. After only 2 lessons, he came back and tell me that he never believed that there were such great teachers until he met Mr Hong. Within a year, he went from grad “U” to “A” in his recent A-level exam. In fact, Mr Hong made economics so clear and interesting for him that he even considered to read Economics in University. Because Mr Hong made Economics so easy for him, he has more time to concentrate on the other subjects. He went on to score As for all his subjects. Besides being a great teacher, Mr Hong is also a friend to my son. I really respect his professionalism, help and guidance he has given to my son. My only regret is that I only found out about Mr Hong when my son is JC2, otherwise I believe even at H2 level, I believe he can do well too.

Because of Mr Hong, I can answer Any Economics Question. Best Teacher in all my 12 years of Education.

Samuel Tay, HCI
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When I was in school, I had never passed Econs. However, Mr Hong brought me from a U to an A. Suffice to say that in my 12 years of education, Mr Hong is the best teacher I have ever had. His wealth of knowledge on real-world economic situations has proved invaluable, allowing him to broaden our horizons and take learning far beyond the mundane confines of the textbook. This additional knowledge has provided me with the cutting edge to stand out amongst my peers, allowing me to produce essays that not only explain economic concepts but also apply them appropriately in context. In the backdrop of an A-level examination system that has come to value additional knowledge and personal evaluation, Mr Hong certainly gives us the added advantage needed to score that coveted A! Furthermore, the concise, clear and step-by-step approach he undertakes in his lessons make his lessons very understandable. His teaching methodology enables an extremely clear and efficient method of illuminating core economic concepts. This has gone a long way to aid my own understanding, equipping me with all the core skills necessary to answer every kind of economic question that may arise. Gone are the days of routine memorizing. Because of Mr Hong, I can answer any question that comes my way! Mr Hong also provides quality notes and assignments from his wealth of experience. As exams approach, he holds Practice exams that prepares us for exam conditions, allowing us to score better under timed conditions. In the recent A-level examinations, Mr Hong even accurately predicted the case study questions! Because of Mr Hong, I now have an A for Economics and am even considering taking Economics in University. He turned my worst subject into my best subject! Thank you, Mr Hong!

Extended Essay scored an A!

Margie Tiong, Mother of Abel Tiong, SJI International
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Thank you Mr Hong for helping Abel ace his exams and his Extended Essay also scored an A!

I have gotten an A!

Gwen Ng, VJC
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Hi Mr Hong, I have gotten an A! Thank you for your guidance in the past year. You have helped me tremendously!

Mr Hong's a livesaver!

Walter Wong, AIS
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Mr Hong' a lifesaver! I had him for the last couple of months before my final exams and it made my marks go up tremendously. He is great at sniffing out the little problems in your work which ultimately adds up to a lot! I really recommend anyone having any troubles with economics to learn from Mr Hong!

Helps us completely understand and overcome our weaknesses

Liz Wong, HCI
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Mr Hong is a dedicated teacher who does detailed marking of every script I submitted, always giving comments and writing down key points I missed out. Such close reading and annotation by Mr Hong, followed by explanation in class definitely made every piece of work I submitted to him count, as I completely understand my mistakes. This allows me to be confident in tackling the same type of questions in the future. He also provides us with notes from various sources, from either textbooks or school notes, so that we can understand and learn from the best. These notes are an extremely important supplement to my school's notes. Nearer the examinations, Mr Hong also identifies areas we are weak in and helps us overcome these weaknesses by providing targeted exercises. For example, he produced pages of questions that tests concepts, as well as our ability to elaborate well so that we understand the rigor involved in explanation, and the details we need to score well. As an experienced teacher, he also attempts to spot questions after analyzing trends from prelim papers as well as past year A level questions. Exposure to this definitely improved our abilities and allowed us to better prepare for the A level examination.

Passionate & Engaging Economics Tutor. Fostered my Critical Thinking Skills

Zhang Qing, SAJC (From E to A)
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Passionate Economics Tutor who never fails to make Econs lessons engaging, interactive and informative. Mr Hong developed my interest for Economics and fostered my independent critical thinking skills. Thank you!

Dean’s List for the 1st Time! In-depth Understanding!

Marissa Chok, RI
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“Mr Hong’s intelligent insights and creative pedagogy have helped me gain a much firmer and in-depth understanding of Economics. Under his experienced tutelage, my Economics improved dramatically. even allowing me to make the school’s Dean’s list for the first time! Mr Hong also systematically analyses past year trends and gives stunningly accurate predictions about A level topics and questions, Needless to say, I felt well-prepared for my Economics paper. Thank you Mr Hong! I scored an A!”

Joining Mr Hong’s Economics tuition was one of the best decisions I made in 2 years of JC

Wilson Lim, TJC
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I can still remember that I was struggling with Econs like how many other schoolmates did for my June Common Test in JC1. I studied hard for it, but only managed to obtain a passing grade of E. Feeling desperate, I went to source for tuition. I asked around for good Econs tutors and I managed to chance upon Mr Hong’s webpage. Thinking back now, joining Mr Hong’s Economics tuition was one of the best decisions I made in 2 years of my JC. I looked through his profile and decided to go for a trial lesson in Bishan. Mr Hong’s way of teaching really caught my attention. He uses many questions to keep the class engaged. The most important thing was that his explanations were much clearer and easier to understand compared to school lecturers who just merely went through the lecture notes. What I especially liked about his lessons was that he always kept us thinking of different possible ways of answering questions and how we can improve our answers and even improve the schools’ answer scheme. Practice makes perfect. This is clearly evident in Mr Hong’s lessons as we are given tonnes of CSQ and essay practice questions, coupled with timed assignments and tests to further prepare ourselves for the exams. After which, he would then mark our answers and provide important critiques and comments on how we can polish up our answers to improve from a level 2 to a level 3. He also often reminds us on the common misconceptions students tend to make so that we will be more cautious during the exams not to repeat those mistakes. Finally, I really want to say a big thank you to Mr Hong as I could not have achieved an A for Econs without his tutoring. Not just that, he actually ignited my interest towards economics and I really enjoyed his lessons very much. Thank you Mr Hong!

Every Lesson is Very Enlightening

Yu Xin, RVHS(From last in class to 90th percentile in school)
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"Haha. Thank you so much!! Coz every lesson that I'd taught by you is very enlightening!"

Your lessons are very effective!

Fariz Toh, VJC
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Thanks Mr Hong, your lessons are very effective!

Mr Hong knew our strengths and weaknesses very well and highlighted them clearly to us.

Clara Li, HCJC
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My friend and I took Econs lessons from Mr Hong from December 2010 to September 2011. I never regretted it and I'm sure that I wouldn't have received an A grade in Econs at the A levels, if not for his lessons. I started out with a D grade in JC1. What I especially liked about his lessons was that he adapted them to suit us. I think that personal attention was the key difference between him and other tutors my friends had. Mr Hong knew our strengths and weaknesses very well, and highlighted them clearly to us. He would prepare his own notes to help us beef up in the areas we were weak in. So instead of implementing a "blanket syllabus" for all his students, he specifically targeted those concepts and techniques we couldn't grasp. Mr Hong also always returned our essays with very thorough individual feedback - which were absolutely invaluable in helping us to improve. Finally, it wasn't like he just talked and we listened (which I initially expected and dreaded). There was two-way interaction and actual engagement, because we felt free to interrupt and ask relevant questions anytime we didn't understand.

A very Dedicated and Caring teacher

Charmaine Ng, VJC
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Mr Hong is a very dedicated and caring teacher. He is able to explain the Econs concepts very well and also goes the extra mile to answer questions outside of class time. Thank you Mr Hong!

Nation-wide, 35% of students get an A for Economics.

For Mr Hong's students, 90% of them achieve an A.


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